Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

Happy Birthday Happy Fourth of July…

I hope you like your happy birthday bean pie! Happy half-birthday Chase! Today was a big day! We had a 4th of July bbq and Chase got a brand new big girl car seat as you can see. Since it was her half birthday she got a few little other treats. Barrettes and some simple toys. I love love love the barrettes. She will never go barrette-less again!  I can’t believe that she’s six months old already.  I looked at the pictures I took today and I hardly recognize my little baby.  Her new thing for this week is angry face.  She wrinkles her nose and breathes in and out really fast.

Choosing a carseat was so difficult. I subscribe to consumer reports so I could see how various seats were rated. The Britax Marathon and the Evenflo Triumph 5 were pretty much even except the Triumph is 50 bucks cheaper. BUT now there’s a new version of the Triumph that has a higher weight limit. The thing is, this seat has never explicitly been tested. It’s just an updated model of the tested seat… sigh… so complicated. Anyway it’s nice and cushy so we’ll see. Pictures for you… enjoy! Oh, and check the bib! Born to be spoiled all major credit cards accepted!



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