Thursday, July 5th, 2007

Stephanie Needs

I saw this on a blog today and thought it was hilarious.  Apparently I’m way late in the game and this isn’t news to anyone but me.  Whatever, here goes:

You Google your name + needs and cut and paste what comes up.

Stephanie needs some help- uh yeah, that goes without saying.  Help convincing our babysitter to drop out of school and take care of Chase full time!  Wait, what did you think I meant?

Stephanie needs cash-fast-but times are tough- always.

Stephanie needs a strong manly shoulder to lean on- thank god i have one!

Stephanie needs a sound proofed home to protect her- Fo sho!  Those danged fireworks…

Stephanie needs some quick cash- are you sensing a theme?

Stephanie needs a job!!! Any ideas???- hehe

Stephanie needs to stand out- needs to?  how about DOES?!  

Stephanie needs to stay focused on managing her resources- Sigh.. I’ll get to it.

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