Sunday, July 8th, 2007

My Butt Is Happy!

We finally did it!  We found our new sofa.  Check it out…


It only took us like 6 months to find it.  I won’t spare you with the gory details of the last 48 hours and who ultimately won our business and more than earned their commission (because my sister says I’m overreacting!) but I just don’t like uber-slimy sales tactics.  Anyway get your butts a-ready for some sitting cause it will be here in 4 to 6 weeks.  You can rest assured it’s comfy as Chase has already given it her stamp of approval lounging all over it at the store.  I smiled but was really thinking ok, cute but remember to hold it in at both ends honey!  “Barry” at Gavigans was sure to mention that we’re “paying” for U.S. labor and the English Company website says they use virgin foam.  Is that their way of saying rest assured that your couch won’t come stuffed with sawdust and broken glass?  Is that wrong?  Maybe all the news programs are just being alarmist about all the recent harmful Chinese imports?

Anywho… we kept it simple this weekend.  We cooked out yesterday and grilled ribeyes again.  I did those tomatoes topped with goat cheese on the grill again they are just fantastic.  What?  Share the recipe?  Soon… soon, I promise.  Today I just did fish tacos again.  I haven’t even seen a Baja Fresh in months so I’m left to my own defenses but my version is a pretty good substitute.  Then again, if you put guacamole on most things they taste pretty good.  Mmm…. guacamole burger, but I digress.

Our baby food experiment has been going well.  I did carrot and peach purees today.  The peaches were sweet and juicy and very tasty.  I left them a little chunkier than a true smooth puree and Chase did not know what to make of the texture.  She seemed to get used to it as we went along.  I know I griped about having her in the winter and not being able to go outside much but it’s totally paying off now to be starting solids right smack in the middle of summer’s bounty.

Chase has her six month check up on Thursday.  I’m curious what her weight will be.  She’s such a chunkster.

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