Monday, July 9th, 2007

Where’s the Beef?

I tried a new recipe today for beef enchiladas. I saw them making them on everyday food and frankly, I love enchiladas. I should note however that I NEVER make enchiladas with red sauce because I’ve only ever had it canned and have never found it to be very tasty. Now, everyday food is by no means over the top delicious gourmet stuff but the recipes are usually tasty and reliable and I love that they have special freeze it recipes with instructions on how to freeze AND reheat. I mean I figure that you can freeze anything at home that you can buy frozen at the store but that doesn’t always mean I know the best way to go about it. So, back to the recipe at hand…

The sauce: was a huge disappointment. Luckily I noticed this while the sauce was still simmering and not after I had taken the pan steaming from the oven. The sauce was super spicy in spite of the fact that I took most of the seeds out of the chipotles and very flat. I can only explain it as the sauce had no roundness… no dimension. So I added the juice of half a lime, a tablespoon of brown sugar and I whisked in some melted bittersweet chocolate that was left on the whisk from the brownies I was making… just as much as you would lick off I suppose. The sauce was now much improved.

Assembling the enchiladas: Because I am lazy and because I have just made enchiladas so many times I no longer heat the tortillas before assembling and I no longer waste time rolling them. I just layer it all in like a great big enchilada pie or Mexican lasagne as it were. I did the same here and it worked just fine. Maybe if I was serving it to someone fancy I would roll them but then again I can’t say that I wold be serving someone fancy everyday food enchiladas.

Plating: I served them up with a nice salad and a dollop of whipped cream to cut the heat of and some beer that’s been rolling around in our fridge for months. Luckily, it was ancient sumerian beer, it probably never goes bad.

Because the enchiladas were so quick and easy (I made the sauce at lunch and assembled at dinner) I had time to throw together some brownies. Yum! Double chocolate chunk fudge brownies. I ate two and I don’t even like chocolatey desserts.

That’s all on the cooking front. Chase spent some more time in her pool today because it was blazing hot. Well I guess it wasn’t hot in the house but we needed a little change of scenery and it’s really too hot to go much of anywhere. She loves that thing. She’s so big now. Just in the last few days she can sit up all by herself with no propping and doesn’t topple over. I gave her her first popsicle today. Really just a frozen cube of peaches in the little mesh teether thing. She loved it sucked it until her little fingers and mouth were all red from the cold.

Tomorrow I have class and I’m going to try a summer corn soup. We’ll see how that goes. tasty-if-not-much-to-look-at.jpgbrownie.jpgpopsicle.jpgnew-face.jpgblazin.jpg

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