Sunday, July 15th, 2007

Joyeuse Fete Nationale

This was a pretty good weekend as far as weekends go. After a very productive Friday afternoon we finally finished painting the bedroom. Danielle was down and we hit the ground running on Saturday. Ikea, the mall, dinner, and then back into town for Bastille Day festivities at her friend’s friend’s restaurant not too far up the street. The mall was excellent and I scored some sweet deals at the Gap on clearance. We picked up a few things for our room at Ikea including a matching bedside lamp for Ben’s night table that he smashed before we ever got it in the house… excellent. They have a huge assortment of halogen lightbulbs so we bought some replacements for the chandelier in the dining room. They’re a little more expensive but they’ll last forever which is good because the little torchiere style 20w bulbs always burn out in like a week. I hate it. We went to Longhorn steakhouse for an unremarkable but not bad dinner. It was the end to a looong day of shopping and nary another restaurant was in sight by that point. Well except for the DQ grill and chill and I vetoed that even though Ben lobbied hard for it.

Later, we went over to joint the festivities at Brasserie Tatin. It’s a really nice place and I would love to check out the regular menu but last they hosted a special event for Bastille Day. Ordinarily, the prix fixe menu cost $50 per person but we were VIP’s last night with our names at the door! Basically your 50 bucks bought you a nice buffet style dinner of assorted items. Marinated grilled veg, tender and delicious roast beef, summer sausage, cheeses, roast chicken, french style potato salad, haricots verts in a vinaigrette, and other assorted items that i can’t remember because you can only eat so much second dinner. There was plenty of wine to go around and desserts too. It was nice and warm with a gentle breeze on the terasse, a perfect night for a crisp and fruity nicely chilled glass of rosee. I realize now that I should have noted what I was drinking instead of just pouring it down my gullet. I have never bought a bottle of rosee but I would happily buy and serve that any time. It was truly perfect for the summer. My dessert was a light white cake topped with ripe strawberries and barely sweetened whipped cream. I am told that the woman that owns Tatin also owns a French bakery called Bonjour I may have to check it out. Oh heck, may schmay, I’m going to check it out.

We got invited to the after party but us babies couldn’t hang with those jet setters. Which is sad in so many ways. All in all it was a great time and the food was delicious. One last thing, and that’s that we came upon stunt baby the other day. It hadn’t occurred to us until just now but if only we’d known at the time just how much like Chase stunt baby was actually going to look..


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