Saturday, July 28th, 2007

Bad News

The living room is still empty. The truck pulls up out front, there’s a knock at the door and sadly instead of a sofa, all the dudes had to offer was that our house was the second delivery of this model of sofa in the city and that it didn’t fit through the door at the last place and it wasn’t going to fit through at ours either. Can you believe that? They took the couch back to the warehouse on the truck. I’m stunned, stunned and devastated, devastated!

On a positive note, the wall is patched and ready to be painted. As I suspected, the guy who wanted the couch fell through so we still have a place to sit. I’m going to hold off on resposting them until we figure out when we’ll get the new ones in. The problem is something we have to figure out as it was a special order and I don’t think you can return custom upholstery. This stinks, this is total BS.

Because the living room is out of commission, we’ve been getting some good miles out the movie room. It’s actually a really nice space for playing and hanging out. I think we’ll get more use out of this room now. We moved Chase’s basket of toys down here and she really likes the traction she gets on the carpet.

For the first time in forever we watched a movie. I picked Music & Lyrics because I felt like I needed a pick me up after the whole couch let down. Why didn’t people like this movie? Who doesn’t want to see Hugh Grant’s wrinkly and aged but yet still cute body. Maybe their expectations were too high. It was a nice rom-com if I ever saw one. There were some lame moments but there always are. I especially liked the part where he was wearing just his tight jeans and no shirt. Drew Barrymore on the other hand is all weird and spongy and pasty.

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