Monday, July 30th, 2007

I Long to Blog

I’ve been thinking about doing it for hours. Sometimes it’s more difficult than it really needs to be. Think that’s because I’m sharing my attention with Curb Your Enthusiasm. Yup, I’m still watching it, episode after episode, season after season. You know, Jeff’s wife, Susie is SO crass but she cracks me up. When she yells, people jump. I’d like for people to “respect mah authoritay” like that.

I treated myself to some magazines this weekend. Everyone has been coveting this months Saveur. The one with the avocado on the front. Who doesn’t love an avocado? Even Chase loves nature’s perfect food. Anyway, I think this is the first time that I’ve actually made a recipe out of Saveur. They’re usually so complicated. This month’s issue (September 2002 No. 104) has a recipe for fajitas that is totally reasonable so I decided to give it a whirl. I made my list over coffee this morning and hit Whole Foods for the tomatillos and a few other things. I didn’t have to buy the peppers though cause our little plant is producing pretty well. I’d definitely make it again although I can’t say that the marinade was worth all the effort. The meat was tasty and all but I can’t say that I tasted the pineapple juice, lime juice, orange juice, soy, and sherry that made of the marinade. I’d have to try it with any old marinade that I whipped up and see if there was an appreciable difference. What was so good about it was the “green sauce.” Basically you puree an avocado with poached tomatillos and serano peppers and then stir in some sour cream. It was like a totally new take on guac and a great accompaniment to the steak.

Ben gave me a tip he saw on t.v. for washing children’s toys in the dishwasher on the top rack. Turns out it works great. I was actually title this post bugs in my dishwasher. That experiment was part of the cleaning jag I went on this weekend. I use the term jag loosely but I did get through the kitchen and most of the laundry and kept the toys from getting out of hand in the basement. I stole a few minutes to try out machiney. The 183 is 1000x better than the one I had before. I tried out all the stitches and started assembling the capris that go with that top I made for Chase a while back. The construction is just about done. I just need to do the elastic casing at the top and put a hem in at the bottom. The pattern calls for ribbon embellishment around the ankle but I’m so anxious to use the machine that I’m toying with the idea of just using one of the embroidery designs instead.


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