Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

We’ll Be Bahck!

We’re leaving tomorrow morning for Wasaga Beach but we’ll be back soon! Re-energized with new and more exciting things to write about. So far so good, and yeah I’m packing at 10:30 the night before AND still doing laundry but dang, I was busy all day. Anyway, the flights are booked, the rental car is booked, now all I have to do is locate our passports and we’re all set. After all the hoopla Chase’s passport never came and the fed decided to lighten the restrictions for travel as a result of the huge backlog that they have. Don’t worry, I have fully charged the battery for the camera and am ready to go. Mac bookie is coming with but I don’t know if I’ll be able to pirate someone else’s wireless connection or not so I may not be able to get back online til we get back to St. Catharines on Friday. We shall see.

Meanwhile, I’m posting pics of the progress in the living room. The color is awesome, it’s called puddle. It makes me hate the color I chose from upstairs because I deviated from my all natural neurtrals plan. I talk myself off the ledge by telling myself that the vibrant blue is fine for the bedroom because it’s a private space and I can just stick to the theme in the public spaces. I am so indecisive it stinks I can never just stick to a plan. But I digress. The bottom line is that puddle is an awesome color and when we finally get the real deal furniture in it will be fabulous. You can see in the picture what the old color was. We repainted all the trim with “oyster.” The walls and trim were that sort of off white color before.

I have a ton of other random pictures that I wanted to blog about but never managed to get to I’ll just throw all of them up with this post and start again fresh on Monday.. k? The pictures are self-explanatory right?

cheerios.jpg movie.jpgprogress1.jpgprogress.jpgtoenail-clipping.jpgdusk-on-guilford.jpgtools2.jpg

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