Sunday, August 5th, 2007

Howdy Y’All

So we’re back! We had a great time. No internet… I’d go on but really we had cell phone and tv I just don’t use either of those too much but NO internet. Now that’s huge. Anyway, we left for the airport Wednesday morning at like 4:30 AM and walked in the door sometime today around 11 AM. It was just the right length of time for a trip, we were home before we started to miss it too much.

Chase took everything in stride and handled being on the road like a champ. She ate and slept just like we were at home and is upstairs in her crib now in spite of sleeping any number of places over the course of the week. She was asleep both times as the plane was taxiing so all of our worrying was for naught.

The weather was awesome and our days at the beach were just great. There was nary a drop of rain in sight. The beach itself was pretty cool and not anything like an ocean beach. The water was warm and shallow like you wouldn’t believe. You could wade out… and out and out and only ever get to water as high as your chest with tiny rippling waves. Chase loved surfing in her little floatie and eating sand on the beach.

On Friday we headed back south for a few days in St. Catharines and a visit with great grandma. Everyone had been preparing me for the worst and needless to say I was an emotional wreck before we even got there but I managed not to totally lose it… only once, briefly. It was fine though and I think that the visit was enjoyable for everyone.

There was just so much to do and see we were busy the entire time and yet it was still restful and relaxing. The Saturday that we were back in St. Catharines we took Chase to ride the Carousel down by the shore of Lake Ontario. What a nice little city and a nice place to raise a family. Recently, we bought some reuseable shopping bags to cut down on the amount of packaging coming through the house week to week. You would be blown away at how many people are using these shopping bags where we were compared to where we are. We bought another to add to our collection and as a souvenir.

On Saturday we also did some more wine tasting. It’s just one more fabulous way to spend an afternoon. Later we had a nice supper and spent the rest of the evening hanging out and watching a movie. I’ve added Inside Man (with Denzel!) to the list of movies watched in the last week or so. Did I tell you about Notes On a Scandal? Dark… it made me uncomfortable but I suppose it was good nonetheless. Teachers hooking up with students just gives me the heebie jeebies.

Ok, that’s enough for now. I know if there are too many words people are loath to read the entire post. Here’s the link to the web album from our trip:

And just one more to sort of sum up the trip:


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