Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

But Seriously, He Was Weeping!

You are watching Top Chef right? I’m catching up right now. I can’t believe how the dude from Brooklyn wept when he was sent home. I think I’m going to submit my 3 minute video to the Bertoli competition. I’m ever so slowly working on a post about what I’ve been cooking but alas I’m busy with work and haven’t been able to get as far through it as I would like to be. On that note, where do all the hours in the night go? Some days… like today drag on and on. It’s worse when you can’t leave the house because it’s just way too friggin’ hot. Then once baby girl is in bed, the few hours I have just wiz by. It kills me to never get anything done. It sucks!

So I go to put dinner together tonight only to find out that even though I thought I bought 3 (yes, 3) different kinds of tortillas at Safeway on Monday I bought two packs of fajita size flour tortillas instead of one corn and one flour. Meanwhile I had already prepped the filling and defrosted the enchilada sauce. So I rolled the filling in the flour tortillas and crossed my fingers. I turned out just fine and it was a really easy dinner to throw together from the freezer.

My goal for tomorrow is to finish my cooking post… we’ll see how that goes.

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