Thursday, August 9th, 2007

A Visitor!

Finally a break in the monotony! Erin was up this way today and took the time out to visit us. In my excitement I said yes to Chase when she said I don’t need my afternoon nap, right mom? She managed ok but started to get antsy by dinner time. To make up for it I served pears and mangoes which made her particularly happy. I chilled a bottle of sauvignon blanc that we brought back with us last week. It was a nice bottle from Henry of Pelham. Our visit was so enjoyable… thank you Erin for coming! I made guacamole too and then proceeded to stuff it all down my gullet as quickly as possible. I can’t even be sure that my guest got any, poor form I know. I’d had a glass of wine already I think I remember saying something about geting a spoon. I’m working on it, hehe. Saveur published the Rosa Mexicana recipe in this month’s edition.

I finished Chase’s bolster pillow today. Currently, her favorite games are a) climbing on mommy and b) peeking over things to see what’s on the other side. Generally, both of these games involve my legs hence the bolster. I used these instructions but really it’s not rocket science. I just used some lose foam I had for some other throw pillows and sewed the ends closed so she couldn’t get at any of the batting. Now to finish the three other projects I had planned.

I forgot to tell you that I had tried a gazpacho as well to use some of the aforementioned tomatoes. I just don’t think that I’m a cold soup kind of girl. I think I’m going to repurpose the leftovers as part of a warm roasted tomato soup. I have to think on it.


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