Monday, August 13th, 2007

Corn Saute and Three Bean Salad

dsc_0026.JPGPre-season football is interfering with progress on my site. I guess I should write off any more home improvement projects since the season is getting ready to start. *sigh*

We had a nice supper tonight. They had more wild caught salmon at Costco. I’m still blown away by the color but the flavor is excellent too. I didn’t do anything fancy to the fish. Salt, pepper, a little garlic, a sprinkling of chili powder, and a dash of chipotle tabasco. On the side I made the corn saute with Canadian bacon, potatoes, and peppers from Fine Cooking #87. This was yet another great recipe from the most recent issue. Ok, to be truthful I made a lot of substitutions but I think that I stayed true to the spirit of the dish… Basically, I subbed kielbasa for the bacon and didn’t have any green tobasco. Between Texas Pete, red jalapeno pepper sauce and chipotle tabasco I opted for the chipotle because it’s smoky and delicious and because I put it on the fish too. I thought that it was just really tasty and a very good accompaniment to the fish.

I also made the three bean salad from Saveur No. 104. I used beans from the farmer’s market that I blanched yesterday. The recipe calls for 1/4 cup of granulated sugar in the dressing. I found that way too sweet on it’s own but with the fish and corn saute I thought I was excellent. I would definitely add less sugar in the future as I prefer a more sour bean salad. I think it’s my Germanic heritage. I also didn’t necessarily care for the addition of celery seed which is something I usually add to my potato salad. It wasn’t bad it just seemed out of place to me because I’m so used to it in other applications.

On saturday night I made quick brownies from some recipe I found in a magazine. I totally underbaked them (Danielle suggested I called this post how not to bake brownies after three glasses of wine.. or something like that. Frankly, I was drinking when she made the suggestion hehe) but the flavor was good. So what to do with the crumbles of underbaked brownies that we didn’t devour that night? I turned them into a delicious chocolaty berrylicious concoction. In a small bowl I combined a small amount of flour, brown sugar and oatmeal and mixed in some very soft butter. Then I added the brownie bits and a half pint of blackberries. I put the whole mixture in a loaf pan and baked it at 350 for like 45 minutes or so until everything was hot and goey and delicious looking. I served it topped with ice cream and it was goood. It reheated well tonight in the microwave too.

Hey number 11! Ow! Look at those buns!

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