Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

Your Burger… Has No Bun

It’s Wednesday again! Wednesday has got to be the best day of the week! Poor girl. The man that created the world’s most decadent burger didn’t like her faux crabby patty sandwiched between two crisp leaves of lettuce. I wouldn’t have either!

Danielle saved me today by pointing out an important and interesting thing. Which as it turns out is also relevant to me and she brought it to my attention not a minute to soon. I’ve been feeling a little crazy, a little lonely, a little confused. Everybody’s away on vacation or working or otherwise engaged so no one is around to hang out with me. In a last ditch attempt to engage in some face to face interaction with a human other than my husband I drove Chase all the way to the big lavish playground. You want to know how many kids where there today with the perfect weather and all? ZERO not one not a single child. Right as I was about to just totally go over the edge she’s like hey… PMS! PMS? It’s been so long I’m still not into the swing of things but yes, that sounds about right. Anyway, now that my craziness is explained away I feel like a huge load is lifted. I would have figured it out eventually but who knows what I would have been driven to before that ever happened.

Not a whole lot else is going on. Chase is still not crawling and is not even getting up on all fours. I really thought she was going to go for it but she seems satisfied by rolling all over the floor and lunging at things. She thought about pulling herself up in her crib today but got distracted and never really got around to it. She’s happy though… mostly. Except for when I’m boring her. I think that going to the park in our long stretch of “awake” time in the afternoon works. I’m going to try to keep at that. She slept for an hour and a half after we got back which is like a 300% improvement over her usual nap time. I was able to get a good amount of work done in that stretch of time and so everyone was happy. That’s a pretty good return on 20 minutes on the swings dontcha think?

We ordered chinese last night and tonight we had a number of fabulous leftovers repurposed as… you guessed it tacos! You had a choice between “carnitas” or fish. That’s how I styled it anyway. My point is that I have no new cooking adventures to report here. Although I’m happy to report that we think that we have finally found a Chinese takeout place with a dish that we can get behind. I mean I like sesame chicken but there’s only so much a girl can eat. This place has a really good beef dish that they describe as dry sauted served with shredded carrots and celery. I pretty much love anything stirfried with celery and carrot I just love it.

Man, the team I’m rooting for is really getting creamed. Or is this just an editing ploy so that it doesn’t look like the slam dunk it should be? Damned commercials!

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