Friday, August 17th, 2007

A Rose By Any Other Name

August 14th… came and went and I’m ashamed to admit that I forgot. I did folks, I forgot my own anniversary. How sad is that? There’s a knock at the door, I open it, look at the man with the flowers and say are those for me? I’m like wow, Ben! Flowers! Thanks! I still didn’t get it. Because Ben is the best he was very understanding about it. He was like don’t worry about it you have plenty of other things on your mind which is very, very true.

I went and bought my books yesterday. It’s been a long time since I’ve taken a FULL course load. Um… books are expensive.  I think I spent more on books than I did on my sewing machine.  Books!  I’m glad that they came in two heavy ass bags or I’d be feeling cheated. Guess I should crack em open some time this weekend eh? I should probably list my books from last semester on Amazon. We’ll see if I ever get around to it. We were supposed to participate in a community sidewalk sale tomorrow but I didn’t have time to pull any things together. I’m a little disappointed because I feel that it would have been a good opportunity to get rid of some crap. Maybe I can just pull a few things together in the A.M.

We just watched School of Rock. What a nice movie! I felt myself tearing up a little toward the end but I held my own and didn’t actually cry. It was so touching how he reached those kids. I recommend seeing it if you haven’t already. Chase got a nice new toy today. Check it out. We got a new mirror for the backseat too. We just have a plain old regular one but I saw one at the store today that has a little remote that you clip to your visor. The remote controls sounds and lights so when they’re freaking out in the back you can distract them for a few minutes…. maybe. I guess I’ll have to report back on that later.

We had dinner at Donnas.  I had a nice glass of pinot noir with my dinner and they have totally revamped their dessert which are now presented on a tray.  I’m a big fan of the dessert tray.  I don’t like picking desserts blindly.  Ben can, he just always picks whatever is named death by chocolate.  I was pleasantly surprised at how many of their offerings were fruit based.  Lemon meringue, key lime, and some kind of apple berry pie with crumble topping.  I opted for the lemon meringue and I didn’t regret it.  We bought this little mat for the table.  Chase loves to sit at the table and eat little bits of things.  Chase is just so much fun to be with.  We’re both dying that she’s started asking to be held and raising her arms to be picked up.  I worry that I set a bad precedent by being out and about with her all the time.  I get the definite impression that when we spend days at home that she would much rather be out and about doing stuff.  She loves going out to dinner, shopping and hanging out.  A girl after my own heart but she’s gonna have to learn to chill too.


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