Monday, August 20th, 2007

On Being More Efficient

I kind of have to be. I’m running shorter and shorter on time with every passing day. I survived the first day of classes. Last semester I took commercial transactions. I’m following that up with debtors and creditors and sale and leases. The beauty of this arrangement is that all of those classes focus on the same code provisions so I a) only had to buy one code book for all three classes and b) should have a leg up on the competition assuming they’re not all doing the same thing.

There’s not a whole lot else going on around here. I’m trying to stay on top of housework which is difficult. I give myself credit for doing such a good job while classes were out and wish for a cleaning lady. One day. The closer was on tonight and I Was hoping to have all of my reading out of the way by 11 to watch but that didn’t happen. Thankfully it’s safely stored in my TiVo’s brain. It will still be there tomorrow. Ben cooked tonight. He did porkchops and they were really good. I can’t cook pork chops to save my life. I mean their passable but certainly not be described as succulent and delicious. I guess it comes from not having them prepared at home. I just don’t really “get” pork.

Chase and I went for a short walk earlier today. I like it when people seguen into discussions about their pregnancy or recent delivery by talking to or about Chase. I do the same thing so I know how it is. Sure your baby’s cute, now let’s talk about me. The lady at Cloud 9 revealed that she in only 3 months pregnant and that people are saying that you can’t even tell. I froze. I remember waiting and waiting to show and being so excited and getting nothing for the first 5 or 6 months. I didn’t know what to say because she really just didn’t look pregnant. I ended up just telling her that I had been there too and that she looked great and would be big as a house soon enough. People like to tell me that I look good and I try to take the compliment graciously but really just want to lift my shirt and scream look at it! Look at it! as a warning.

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