Thursday, August 23rd, 2007


Not that it makes much of a dif but whatever. So how has your week been? Thursday is lawschool Friday because there are no classes on Fridays so this is the technical end of our week. How did it get here so fast though? I feel like it was just yesterday that we were at Donna’s. We didn’t go today as I had some salmon and tomatoes to use up. I made the fresh tomato sauce again and just served the salmon along side. I really like the tomato sauce and find it very flavorful. Since we were so good tonight I’m thinking we’ll probably do dinner tomorrow night. I could use the night off from cooking anyway.

So, Wednesday I had to drop something off at UPS and decided to run into Target since it was nearby. I go through the whole store picking stuff up and get to the register to find out that I have a purse but no wallet. Awesome! Do you think I remember that I have Ben’s business checking card loose in my purse? Nope, not until I’m out in the parking lot. Even more awesome! So I scrounge in my purse and find two bucks so I can buy myself a cup of happiness from Starbu. I get home get everything sorted out and head off to class. I’m making good time and pull up in front of the building 10 minutes early but I get cocky. I think I see a spot up ahead at a meter and pass all of the free spots (that are a little farther away). I get up to the meter and park and get out of the car only to realize that now I have a wallet but no purse. Remember that scrounging? Yeah, so all my change is neatly tucked in the side pocket of my purse. So I get back in the car and circle back. Of course it’s 545 downtown so you can imagine how traffic looks. I circle back and to make a long story short end up being 5 minutes late for class. But wait, did I say to make a long story short? There’s more… I park in one of the free spots, get out, lock up and start walking and there it is… the coveted corner spot right across from the building wide open just to add insult to injury. Happily, the professor was later than I was so no worries, right?

It’s been so cold and gloomy that Chase has had to roll out her fall wardrobe. I found some cute things at Costco. Little Me makes really cute stuff and the cotton is nice and soft. I bought two but I think I’m going to get one in all the patterns that they have. We also got some super cute pyjamas by Carters and another by some crazy name that I didn’t recognize but again, I’m going to get more because they are so freakin cute and a good deal.

Our Ikea catalog came too! I tried not to look at it but Chase insisted and wanted to read and re-read the section about the cafe as you can see. She said “Mommy, did you know they have baby food?!” Chase is heavy into books and paper. Crate and barrell sent a catalog too. The beauty of it is there’s something that I actually need in it. I looked at Target and they just didn’t have it so now I have a reason to place an order! Oooh, better yet, I’ll see if they have it in store this weekend. Hehehe (maniacal laughter)

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