Saturday, August 25th, 2007

Feeling Fine

raspberries.jpg(No, not in the creepy Simpsons/The Shining kind of a way… just fine). I was highly highly productive today. A madwoman with a drill gun. I decided to stop waiting for Ben to get around to the little projects that get pushed back every weekend and to just do them myself. I installed a towel bar in the bathroom upstairs, fixed the doors on the tv cabinet and finished putting the casters on the storage bins under the bed upstairs (ok that was never his project but it involved the drill gun nonetheless). I was really on a roll. The thing is all of those projects involved putting screws into wood. There are still a ton of other things that need to go up but I’m not that confident about putting screws into wall board. We’ll see how much longer it takes for me to get tired of waiting for him to put the mirror up in the downstairs bathroom. More surprising is that it’s not broken yet as it’s been leaning up against the wall in there for damn nigh a year now.

Chase is heavy into feeding herself. If you try to “help” her by feeding her with your hand she purses up her little lips and refuses until you put the little bit of whatever back down on the tray and she goes back at trying to get it with her little pincers. Today she was trying raspberries. She’s a maniac for them as you can see.

We went to Donna’s AGAIN last night. I know I know you’re tired of hearing about this place and I wouldn’t mention it except that I realized what I like about the food other than that it tastes so good. It’s hot! Like burn your mouth hot when it comes out of the kitchen which incidentally you can see into. It seems like a small thing but hot food is so much better than warm food that’s been sitting under the heat lamp or god forbid cold food. Anyway, I had an excellent plate of moules frites. They were bathed in some sort of red sauce which if I had to guess had fennel and onion in it. I don’t know, Ben didn’t care for it at all so maybe it was thyme?? Hehe, but I digress… like I was saying it was delicious. Ben had the four cheese pizza thing he always gets and tells me… if you could figure out how to make this.. just make up the dough I would eat this for lunch. I just stared at him blankly. Finally I said, so.. you want me to just.. make the dough you mean like fresh every day? I should get up at the crack of dawn and do this? Should I also grate the cheese fresh daily and pre-portion it into ziplock bags?? What kind of resort spa do you think I’m running here? He didn’t get it.

I’m tired of making special trips to Target just because I’m used to going there. It’s really not close at like 15 or 20 minutes away. I know that doesn’t seem that far but it is when the grocery and hardware stores are within walking distance. So I’m trying to figure out how to cut special trips to Target out. I took my Target list and went to Safeway to see what I could knock off there. Safeway carries pretty much everything and has good sales so I figure why not give it a shot. That was true for some things but not all and I would have had to make a second stop at CVS which is just a block from Safeway but am I really saving time now? The bottom line is I think that the only way to replace Target is to make multiple stops at different places around here. Radio Shack, the grocery store, hardware, CVS etc. which I don’t necessarily think is more efficient. Not to mention that it’s not a bad outing and in the same complex as Babies R’ Us, Michaels, Marshall’s, Filene’s need I go on?

Which leads me to my next question which is for those of you that hit the discount places which is the best OR do you go to different ones for different things. So the place in Towson where I go has a Marshalls, a TJ Maxx AND a Filene’s Basement. I never make it to all three. To those of you that know, If I can only go to one which one should it be?

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