Sunday, August 26th, 2007

Big Girl

jacket4.jpgChase got a big girl jacket today. I’ve been trying to put together the core of her fall wardrobe. I like to buy the core items at babies r us for undershirts et al and Costco for jams and basic pants and tops outfits. I like costco for basics because they have low low prices on nice brands like Carters. They have the same cute things that they have at Babies r us but for like 3 or 4 bucks less per item. So as it stands I probably have all of the pyjamas and underclothes she’ll need, a hoodie and cute little poncho style sweater a jean skirt and jeans and a few other things. AND a new jacket. I had an epiphany. What’s the difference between size 24 months and 2t? Nothing! There you have it, all of life’s mysteries unraveled. I was ignoring all of the tables with clothes sized at 2t and above thinking they were too big but they can’t fool me anymore. It’s a little big but she’ll be ready for it by the time colder weather hits.

The other day when I was at Marshall’s I picked up one of those old school playskool phone toys for Chase. I had been thinking about that toy for some time and when I saw it there I couldn’t leave it on the shelf. Once we had it at home, I realized that if she were any older she would be so confused by the old timey phone. Chase has just started to be interested in our phones but I don’t think that she necessarily “knows” what a telephone is you know? Anyway, the toy is a rotary! It’s pretty funny. She loves it though, she can dial it and push it around on the floor.

We went to the farmer’s market this morning. We probably got there shortly after 9 and in spite of the fact that we got an awesome parking spot there was STILL a line for coffee albeit not as long as it was last weekend. We waited this time but the lady that got in line behind us said to her husband my god, is this the line for coffee? I couldn’t help but say yup, but how bad to you neeeed it? So she laughed and the lady in front of me turns around and says basically you gotta do what you gotta do and first things first. So we all waited patiently for our coffee and it was worth every minute. We treated ourselves to sausage biscuits too.. yum! The point though, I’m getting to it. I made Chase a nice supper based on a recipe from Superfoods for Babies. At almost 8 months it seems that she can eat pretty much anything so we’ve been doing a lot of experimenting. Tonight I made her a tasty ragout of zucchini, chicken and lentils. Ben was like mmm, what’s for dinner and I had to tell him it wasn’t for us it was for baby girl but it was very good even after I pureed it in the mini chopper. You just saute onions and add the zucchini then I added a diced tomato and the lentils and some water and covered and cooked until the lentils were tender. Then I whizzed it all up in the little cuisinart and added some shredded cheese. I know it seems like a lot but really that’s what the recipes from the book are like. Apparently she’s supposed to be eating three meals a day drawing from all of the food groups. Since we’re limited to two meals I want to make sure that she gets enough variation. That being said, I can’t believe that she’s almost 8 months!

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