Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

Baby Girl In Print!

baby-in-print.jpg This arrived in the mail on Monday. It’s a project that Ben worked on a while back.. the cover is just a perk. Today was pretty good. I did a lot of reading this weekend so my days are a little bit easier to manage than normal. I don’t have to read furiously during each nap time. In addition, I was able to prep dinner before my afternoon class so that once I was home all i had to do was toss it in the over. That worked so nicely. I’m going to try to do that every Tuesday and Thursday but it all hinges on how much reading I have or haven’t done. I’ll write more about the recipes in a separate post.

Chase did something new today that’s pretty cute. I’m going to try to capture it on video tomorrow. I took some pictures of her in her new jeans. I love this picture even though she’s not smiling! I think it’s hilarious and I love that you can read what’s written on her tshirt. Ok, well that’s enough. I’m trying to think but the television is distracting me. I just had my snack and it’s time to unwind and then to turn in for the night.

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