Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

Zucchini with Parmesan

zukes.jpgI tried this today because I saw her make this on her show last week. I bought zukes at the farmer’s market this weekend for that specific purpose. That’s why I made them tonight as a side dish even though the dish had nothing to do with the chicken I served it with. They were fine together but I wouldn’t make them together regularly. Here’s where you can find the recipe. I only made half the recipe and I added a clove of garlic. It really didn’t need garlic and I wouldn’t add it again. I loved eating zucchini this way. It was so tasty and not mushy at all. I mean honestly, there’s cheese all over it. Unfortunately I now have three bandaids on. I was grating parmesan and the chunk broke and wham I’m grating my knuckles AND fingertips on the box grater. Have you ever seen what grated fignertips look like? Not pretty.

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