Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

Crepes are Delicious

crepe.jpgWHY? Why would you go on national television and do something like that? And his hair… oh, the humanity! You guessed it, it’s Wednesday and I’m feeling all Top Chefy even though they’re showing the functional equivalent of a clip show. I made another chicken dish tonight. I mean I did have like 20 lbs of boneless skinless thighs but it’s ok because I did a totally different preparation. Getting to my point.. I watched JP make crepes on his show this weekend and have been thinking about them ever since. A half cup of flour and a half cup of milk with an egg, a pinch of salt, and a tablespoon of sugar yields two nice crepes. I spread mine with blackberry jelly and ben filled his with chocolate chips and heath bits. Two crepes unfortunately are not enough to satisfy two sweet tooths… teeth? Teeths? Whatever. So tonight Ben learned that heath bits don’t melt quickly and needless to say I’m still scheming about what I could get away with eating at 11pm.

Chase and I had an outing to the library today. I was at a loss for what to do so we went even though the plan was to go to Mother Goose On the Loose on Friday. Turns out I didn’t have to worry about going to the library twice in a week because I went there today without a wallet and without a library card so… you know. It was fun though. There were no other kids in the children’s department but they have a fish pond and giant chairs and pillows to climb on and some fun toys so Chase had a good time. Most importantly, she was crashed out in the car long before we got home and then slept on for a good while longer once I got her in the house.

We’re interviewing two new babysitters. I am already leaning more toward one than the other. I’m not sure why. They’re both students. One at Loyola and the other at UB. You’d think I’d favor the UB student but not so much. We’ll see how that pans out. Someone gave me a business card for a lady with an in home day care around the corner but I don’t think I can get behind that.

I made a little progress in the house today. I moved the shelves from the dining room into the living room and even Mr. I like the big empty wall agreed that they look nice there. I think I’ll let them stay. So you know whenever you get around to buying my flat screen just have it shipped directly to us. It’s gonna go right there in the middle where my little monitor is. K? Great! The added benefit is that this room is done now (with the exception of hanging pictures) and the dining room is the last blank slate. I can handle that. We’ll get to the dining room once the basement is finished. I look
forward to having a space in the office and am gently encouraging Ben to get a move on. I took some pics for you.

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