Sunday, September 2nd, 2007

The Guacamole Garden

jalapenos.jpgSome people have cottage gardens, some people have cutting gardens, perennial gardens or just general vegetable gardens. Ben and I on the other hand have a guacamole garden. We are very happy to never be without tomatoes or jalapenos. Admittedly we also have eggplant and cucumber but the latter gets much less attention than the former. I love how easy jalapenos are to grow.

We just got back this morning from being away this weekend. We spent two nights with Ben’s sister so Chase did a lot of visiting with her cousins. It was great to just not be here. We came back invigorated and did a large number of small outstanding home improvement projects. The mirror in the bathroom went up as did the hand towel ring. You have no idea how pleased I am. Not to mention that I sold the couches. I thought the dude was going to flake out on me but lo and behold I get an email from him this morning telling me that he and his friends were going to pick the couches up this afternoon. He showed up with a small group of friends and they CARRIED the couch and love seat back to wherever. I took his cash, closed the door and turned to Ben and said he’s going to really enjoy gaming on the couch. Let me tell you, there’s no doubt in my mind that Mr. Spotty McPimplebottom is going to use those couches for that exact purpose. It wouldn’t have been so bad but the ponytail.. oh, the humanity.

So, here’s a funny story. Chase bonked her head today and it looked like there was a little bump there so I go to look for something ice like to put on it. I remember that we have these little squares of chocolate in the freezer that are about the right size for a forehead bump so I get one and put it on. Of course Chase was like what is that? Let me see it. So I give her that one and get another out of the freezer. Next thing you know, I’m talking to Ben and I look down at her and ask him hey, what the hell is all over her face? He’s like oh nothing, it’s just scratches but I’m not convinced. Upon further investigation, it’s chocolate smeared at the corner of her mouth. You’re thinking that’s hilarious why didn’t you take a picture?! I’ll tell you why! Because when I took the chocolate away from her she let out a wail and then a long open mouthed silence during which her lips started to turn purple while she gathered enough steam to let out the next wail. Let me tell you about angry babies. Don’t stand between Chase and her chocolate apparently. I’ve never seen her mad like that… ever. My point is, I would have taken her picture except we were too busy panicking that she had stopped breathing for crying out loud.

On an unrelated note, Chase got new pants. She was also gifted an awesomely cute new party dress by her aunt that will be unveiled at T-Day assuming she can still fit into it. Here’s hoping.

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