Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

Happy 2/3 Birthday!

under-the-table-where-else.jpgBaby Chase is 8 months old today! Can you believe it? Next thing you know I’ll be posting pictures from her first birthday. We didn’t do much today. Just a short trip to the grocery store and a trip to the dog park with daddy (and the dogs). For the last couple of days she’s not been sleeping well. I can’t tell if it’s her teeth or a developmental thing she wants to get out of the way but I tried giving her some tylenol before putting her down tonight and we have seen some improvement so maybe that was it. It’s so hard to say with that whole not talking thing.

I took some pictures today. For some reason she loves to be under the table and most scooting expeditions end there. Luckily for her she’s just short enough to fit under when she bends forward and comes up again.

I have no class tomorrow. I got an email saying that my prof had sustained some kind of injury. I’m trying not to let elation take over. I’m trying to be a good human being and feel concern and empathy for this woman. It’s hard…

I’m working on a list of my kitchen must haves. That is things I will pay a premium for because they just surpass all other similar products. I’m trying to get 10 but I think I only have 5 right now and apparently I can only think of them as I use the things and I’m losing patience with the process.

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