Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

A Little Mid-Week Update

little-red.jpg As a little diversion we went to the mall after we were finished running errands. Coincidentally I got an email this morning from Gymoboree. They’re having one of their sales where all regularly priced items are reduced to either 10 or 20 dollars. Basically, all items up to 40 bucks are reduced to 20.. excellent. When I saw this little red riding hood-esque cape I knew we had to have it. I picked up some socks for 75 cents a pair too. You can’t beat that and I don’t feel bad since I am still gainfully employed. It’s the end of the season so everyone is having huge sales. I found a cool pair of shoes and they are oh so me and were oh so cheap. I am very pleased with them and they’re not your mama’s Keds. I finally picked up a thank you for the babysitter we had this summer. She just moved into a new place off campus so I picked up a brownie pan and package of Barefoot Contessa brownie mix. Who knows if it’s any good but I’m sure the gesture will be appreciated. She was such a sweet person.

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means. Actually, Top Chef was hella lame tonight. Dissapointingly, there was certainly nothing of real interest to discuss. Other than I can’t figure out what I’m supposed to do at 10 when they’re cooking and I’m starting to crave a nice carpaccio but it’s almost time for bed. I mean I tried to stave off the hunger pangs by eating an orange and shoving a few handfuls of kettle corn in my mouth but frankly it’s just not really cutting it. Which leads me to my next story. I bought a giant bag of kettle corn at Bed Bath and Beyond over the weekend. Why was I buying popcorn at Bed Bath and Beyond? Because it was near the checkout and I was starving. I bet you know how that story ends though. With me driving away with the popcorn in the trunk and then sitting in line at the drivethru at Starbucks. But damn if it’s not the best popcorn I’ve ever tasted. Anybody that knows me knows that I love popcorn to the point of having a movie theater style popper in the basement. But you can’t use that kind of popper to do kettle corn. Sometimes we buy freshly made kettle corn at the farmer’s market but the Bed Bath and Beyond stuff was even better than that. We ate the whole giant salty sweet sack in a day. I visited their website and see that they have other flavors so now I’m on the hunt but don’t think I wouldn’t order the sampler pack if it came down to it.

So I finally placed my order for a speedlight flash and diffuser. Lucky me had an amazon coupon that is expiring in the next week. I got an email confirmation that they already shipped it out today so hopefully it will be here soon. I don’t anticipate seeing it before next week though. I guess it *could* come Friday.. maybe I should consult my personal shipping expert? I can’t wait for it to get here I already have many plans.

Last week I took out Bittersweet a cookbook or baking book by Alice Medrich. I don’t know why i got it. I suppose because it was on the new books shelf but really I don’t care for chocolate desserts. She writes nicely though and for the first time I find myself reading through it as if it were a novel. We’ll see if anything catches my eye.

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