Thursday, September 6th, 2007

Oh Oh 911

phoney.jpg So I’m sitting at my desk and I hear behn behn behn behn boop boop beep boop. My head snaps around to see Chase holding the phone and smiling at herself. GE’s strategic placement of the talk and speaker buttons apparently makes it easy for nimble little fingers to dial a friend. I think she hit something like 4667… which is fine so long as she’s not calling 911. I know what you’re going to say Danielle. “I got Pocahontas.”

I’ve been reading this blog and this blog . Then I got an email from Papa Luis and got to reminiscing about the Italian Market and well all the Asian superstores there. So I did a little on line sleuthing to figure out if there were any Asian markets around here. Turns out there are a couple not too far away. So Chase and I went on an adventure. There was lots of stuff there but we only came back with a package of noodles. Let me just say that I gave the lady a dollar and I got change back and they’re the same brand they sell at whole paycheck. I’m not knocking whole foods but come on. I’ll never by noodles anywhere else again. Now to find the recipe I wanted them for… but I’ll worry about that tomorrow. As an aside, not even a language barrier can keep a woman from cooing at a baby and it was only a little uncomfortable when the shopkeeper asked if I feed her from my breast and I didn’t get it the first time so she had to gesture. I suppose it could have been worse. Back to the point though, I’m dying to try some of the recipes on that blog. Particularly some of the noodle recipes as well as the soup. The problem is that the soup entails roasting your own pork and making your own broth which entails a significant investment of time.

Ben was supposed to be in DC all day tomorrow hawking his wares to the fed or whatever but it’s been called off. I don’t know why his being away signaled a good time to embark on a long cooking experiment but somehow in my head it did. We’ll see what I can get around to. I need to go through the posts more carefully before anything else. I’m starving all the time lately. I’m hungrier now with Chase at 8 months old than I ever was when I was pregnant. I stopped at Safeway on the way home under the guise of picking up Oreos for Ben and bought two cinnamon buns and a frozen pizza for myself. What’s up with that?

I’m all over the place tonight. Back to our earlier adventure, we did a little thrifting on the way home because well we were driving by. I spent 8 bucks and picked up some cool toys. That’s the problem with thrift stores. Chase already has plenty of toys but I bought them because they were cheap. Sure. she likes them and all but I’m 8 bucks poorer and she would have been just as happy without them. Sigh. I would be happy to have paid 8 bucks for the outing the problem is the clutter that comes along with it. I’d rather pay the 8 bucks and not bring anything home I think.. or do I?

So tomorrow, we’re gonna hit the library and then sort out cooking adventures for the weekend. What do you guys have planned?

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