Saturday, September 8th, 2007

Yikes Teeth!

yikes.jpg My poor girl has been coping as well as she can. I think about it obsessively because I worry about her being in pain and the amount of Tylenol that we’re giving her. Mostly I’m obsessing because I can’t tell for sure what’s really going on and that’s the most frustrating part. That and the fact that WILL NOT let me look in her mouth under any circumstances. I did get a two second peek and I think I see the little teethies under her gums. So of course I went online to see if I could find some other pictures but I guess no babies let their parents look in their mouths let alone take pictures because there aren’t any. Anyway, the pediatrician said we could safely administer Tylenol at bedtime for a week as long as we monitor her to make sure she doesn’t have an ear infection.

She always looks so cherubic in the pictures I take but I finally caught one of her in rare form.
trouble.jpg Have you ever seen such trouble? I bought this jumper on sale at Target and it is by far my favorite purchase. It is so friggin cute and not nearly as restrictive as jeans.

Ben’s sister and her bf were down today. I used priceline to rent a van and got an awesome deal. So we used the van to pick up the supplies needed to finish the basement. I can almost taste my new office. Tomorrow we have the van until 1 so we’ll take it to Ikea in the morning. I tried an easy recipe for sausage and peppers. I made it once before (and haven’t had time yet to post the recipe but want to) and thought I would be a good sort of middle of the road dish to try with company. I think the recipe is easy enough that I could potentially memorize it and add it to my repertoire. We’ll frankly now i have to because $10 buys a lot of sweet Italian sausage. The first time I made it I used kielbasa cause that’s what I had. It might be better with an authentic kielbasa but the Tyson brand I had was just too sweet for this application.

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