Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

No News Wednesday

portrait.jpgNothing out of the ordinary happened today. Went to Starbucks, did a little sewing, put up some drywall. You know, the usu. I’m so very pleased though because a) I finished the pants that went with Chase’s little outfit AND there are still at least three weeks of summer weather still to come. b) My friggin flash finally came and even though there’s stuff missing the flash itself it awesome. c) The weather is awesome. d) I had two classes canceled yesterday, one today and one more tomorrow.

I’m thinking about whether I should do a separate post about the pattern I used to make Chase’s little outfit or if I should just do a review on I’m yet undecided. It was a good pattern though and very easy especially with the few modifications I made. I could have finished the whole stupid thing in less than a week if I had put my mind to it. That’s not bad either considering the projects crawl along at our house at a snail’s pace. I especially like how the ribbon looks around the cuff of the pants and the pants are nice and roomy. I bought a little big of vintagey looking fabric yesterday with little bears that says “apple pickin.” I might use the same pattern with that fabric. The pants that is.

Ben’s still pluggin along at finishing the basement. He was working on the ceiling today which is how I ended up hanging drywall. Just because I can use a drill gun doesn’t mean you can expect me to help you just because you’re one person and it’s a two person job.. sheesh! I had a new toy to break in.

Disappointingly, I feel like I didn’t get any very good pictures with the new flash. It’s a lot harder to take a picture when Chase is all over the place. She wants to be the one with the camera and hardly has patience for my incessant picture taking anymore.

I thought that she was going to be happy with the current state of her scooting for a while but it looks like she’s still putting a lot of effort to really crawling. Poor baby just hasn’t quite got it yet. Well, I was happy but now I see that it’s 9 o’clock and I’ve been sitting here frittering the night away. Let’s get down to business shall we?


You’re probably wondering why Chase is holding the letter R. Oh, just a little something we’re working on.. hehe

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