Thursday, September 13th, 2007


peeking.jpgHot damn! Just as I was about to completely write them off… Mondawmin is in the middle of a $70 million renovation that will include a Target, two restaurants near the mall and landscaped entrances. Just a short 5 or 10 minutes away. Hehehe.

So our sitter was here again today. She seems to manage well with Chase. I’ll tell you this though, sitters are in such high demand on our block that it’s all anybody ever talks about when you run into them on the street. She took Chase for a walk today and came back saying um.. one of your neighbors, he has a van he asked me if I was sitting for you and wanted to know if I thought I could watch two at the same time. I thought that was so funny. You have to take every chance you get to find help. I told her she’d better not wear her Loyola shirt again lest she be attacked by a group of frenzied parents on the street.

I spent some more time playing with the camera. I’m loving it. I’m fairly confident that it’s living up to the reviews that said it was good for the home enthusiast. I think it resets plenty quickly for my purposes. I didn’t play all day of course. I did go to class and I worked some on growing membership for the email list that I want to get off the ground. I keep plugging away at it and feel good about my “work.” I did no cooking today though. We had frozen pizza for lunch and leftovers for dinner. Some days are just like that.

What I’m working on now with Chase is putting her down while she’s still awake. It’s gone well so far. I’m just trying to slowly remove myself from the side of the crib before she’s asleep toward the goal of being able to just put her down and leave. We make a little progress every day and I’m always surprised by what she’s capable of when I take a step back and let her lead the way. Sometimes it’s hard to do but often makes things just that much easier than my projecting a need that I think she has that’s not really there. She’s such a big girl.

Here are some pictures from today. I always post pictures of me and Chase so today I’m posting Chase and daddy. A couple of weeks ago I got letter and number magnets. Today I noticed that words have started to appear on the fridge. I might have to resurrect the magnetic poetry (but not the naked guy magnet from key west).


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