Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

Ain’t No Party Like a Scranton Party…


Well, I’m glad that you all liked my little outtakes video. Those were really nice comments you left! Maybe they’ll encourage me to have new and interesting things more often? And yes, as you can tell I’m still watching the office but I’m on season 3 now!

I can’t believe it’s Sunday already. The only thing that isn’t killing me about that is that Chase has been reading me Curious George for the last 15 minutes and it’s too cute to be bitter over it being Sunday AND it looks like we probably don’t have to go to Costco today. The only thing we needed were milk and eggs so I picked them up yesterday at the farmer’s market. Who wants to drive to Glen Burnie for eggs and milk? That doesn’t make any sense. We do both have somewhere to go tomorrow though I think we can just fill up at the Exxon instead of driving all the way down there for gas.

So like I said yesterday we went to the farmer’s market. I ran into another mom that lives around the corner and we walked up together. It was a lot warmer and a lot farther than it was in my head while we were getting ready. At least it’s always a little easier when you have company. So I get home with the various dairy products that we bought and Ben is like hmm. Milk, how much did that cost? He’s always ragging on me about milk. It makes me crazy. It all started with Costco. They have two kinds of milk. Organic milk that comes in three two liter cartons and a big giant jug of regular milk that while it fits neatly on the fridge door is impossible to pour and seems to go bad instantly if there’s less than two cups left in the jug. It’s also cheaper. Needless to say Ben prefers the jug. I on the other hand would much rather pay the extra dollar for the added convenience of not spilling milk every time I want to pour it, as adult, standing on a chair… ridiculous. Anway, as a treat I bought Ben a little jug of fresh delicious chocolate milk from the dairy. Don’t worry though, when he complained about the jug of plain milk and pointed out that I could just have gone to Safeway for milk I told him not to drink it. I was going to take the chocolate milk back too and get him some Nesquick from the supermarket. It doesn’t happen often, I think this is the second time that he’s been like damn, I guess I didn’t think that all the way through. Hrmph!

Have you ever said to yourself, gee, it’s been a while since I’ve been to Walmart. It wasn’t that bad was it? They might have different products than they do at Target and I could get everything on my list there instead of stopping at multiple stores? Let me just set the record straight for you. Friday I had a small list of things to get that included some yarn. The little strip mall in Towson that I go to all the time has a Target AND a Walmart, a Micheals, Babies R Us, and Bed Bath and Beyond. Sometimes a trip takes a long time because the complex is basically two strip malls back to back. That sucks because if you need to go to two stores that sit in the middle of each side you can’t walk and so you must move your car every time you go to a different store. To avoid having to drive from Target to Micheals I decided to just go to Walmart and check it out.

On the positive side, it wasn’t the freakshow I remember it as being. The people inside seemed mostly normal and the lines were fine and the store itself was relatively clean and bright. On the not so positive side, I still ended up going to Target because their selection sucked. Sure, the stuff is cheap but they hardly had any scented candles and no organic baby cereal.

They did have a lot of Munchkin products which is kind of funny because Target and BRU carry Munchkin and each of the stores has totally different products. I love Munchkin stuff and bought Chase a set of new bowls and some spoons. Anyway, that’s how it ends Walmart’s not worth it if you have the option. Particularly if you’re already used to Target’s products. Save yourself the time and frustration and just stick to the plan, you’re not missing anything.


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