Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

New Favorites

watching-mommy.jpgMommy has an awesome Vera Bradley makeup bag. Chase loooves mommy’s bag but it’s full of dangerous things like zit cream and nail clippers. So… I made Chase her own awesome makeup bag. I fashioned it from a Clinique bonus gift and filled it with neat things like a child-proof pill bottle with beans inside for a rattle and an old pacifier, and an empty plastic bottle. I can’t fool Chase by putting in actual toys. I have to use things that mommy might actually have in her bag. Why bother you say? Oh, so I can go through my daily facial care routine without having to wrestle my little monkey for the moisturizer.

I had to go buy diapers today. I loathe this task. It’s not that I don’t love going to Target or Babies R Us. I just don’t understand how it’s possible that every diaper retailer sells diapers in packages of different sizes. This makes it virtually impossible to compare the prices. Well you can’t keep the info in your head anyway. You have to be organized enough to keep notes and frankly I’m just not that organized. I know I’ve already spent significant time lamenting the setup of this strip mall so you’ll understand when I say I just broke down and bought them at BRU because I just wasn’t going to drive back to Target for a second time.

I had to send back my flash and I am so sad. It will be two or three days at least before I get the replacement from Amazon. I signed up for the free trial of Amazon prime just so I could get it sooner. I’m shameless I know. I got a few other goodies along with it so I can’t wait for it to get here. No teasing please… I had to use my credit.. had to!

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