Friday, September 28th, 2007

Want Some Cheese With That Whine?

big-smile.jpg Today was one of those days. Ben had to be in DC today so our day started with a trip to the train station to drop him off. From there we went to get coffee, realized that it was to cold out for what we had on and decided to go home for a sweater. At home, we got a call from Ben saying that due to a series of comedic errors he had missed the 8:10 train. I think that when he called he infected me.

Chase and I left AGAIN for the coffee shop. When our babysitter left our house yesterday she took Ben’s keys with her so I wanted to catch up with her. I’ve been to common ground before and it’s a nice place but when trying to maneuver with Chase when the coffee line is out the door, not so much. Between the line and the cramped space, a parking snafu, the atm being down… and and and you get the picture. It was exhausting. Nevertheless, we finally made it to the library. Chase loves Mother Goose on the Loose and some of her little friends were there. We had lunch at five guys with some friends and Chase had such a good time. She share a grilled cheese sandwich with her friend Max and they just had a generally good time dancing in their high chairs and screeching and laughing at each other. It was exactly the kind of interaction I’d been hoping for.

We came home after lunch and things slowed down a little. I bumped my head and tripped over my own feet a little less. We spent the rest of the afternoon playing and hanging out and trying not to freak out. I took Chase to the pediatrician yesterday because I wanted him to rule out an ear infection. He looked at her and said her ears were fine but that her throat was red and probably sore most likely from a virus. I guess that’s a part of encouraging increased interaction with other babies. On the other hand I wonder if her throat is sore from a virus or if it’s sore from screaming for the last two days. She’s definitely not herself. Her appetite is wonky, she wants extra naps and she’s whiny as all get out. I’m done speculating about what’s at the root of it. As long as she doesn’t appear to be “ill” I guess I’ll just have to be good mommy and grin and bear it.

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