Saturday, September 29th, 2007

Well If You’re Offering Cheese, How About a Grilled Cheese Sandwich?

chase-and-mike-play.jpgToday was a better day! No more crying all day. What a relief. I’m glad that Chase is feeling better and to celebrate we both took a long nap this afternoon. We had a moderately busy day that was going well… until all our plans were foiled. After our long nap we got ready to head out to Costco.

I thoroughly cleaned the fridge last night. Turns out that all of those times I stood in front of the fridge wondering why it was so full but we didn’t have any food that I wasn’t going insane. I was brutal, took no prisoners, there’s virtually nothing left. So I guess we’ll make the trip tomorrow… again. That sucks to bad but it has to be done. We’re out of coffee! Out of coffee people! So because I had planned to cook whatever we bought for dinner we stopped to eat at the Silver Mood Diner of Perry Hall. I’m not exaggerating when I say we were pretty much the only people there without oxygen tanks. While we’re standing in the parking lot waiting for an old blue-hair to back her Buick out Ben leans in and whispers how many slow occurring accidents do you think happen in this parking lot? All the pieces fell into place though when we saw the sign advertising the seniors special from 3 til 7pm. The food wasn’t bad though and Chase enjoyed her grilled cheese and applesauce.

I bought a bunch of frames recently and culled some snaps from our collection to hang in the living room. Paint I can pick, furniture too but stuff to hang on the walls? Picking artwork for the walls in next to impossible. Well, maybe that’s not true. I can pick it but choosing where to hang it really trips me up. I have some kind of huge psychological block against it because it seems to permanent. Undoubtedly another unfortunate quirk I picked up at home. I’m trying to work through it which is why I bought all the frames. I made a bunch of enlargements and actually got them all into the frames. I’m using the fact that Ms. Chase is sleeping as en excuse not to hang them tonight but tomorrow… look out!

My picture for today is not very exciting. It was a good picture in theory because Chase has discovered that it’s fun to play with the pets but that’s really hard to catch with the camera. On the other hand, in my stash I found this picture of myself in the bath. I must be around the same age as Chase is. Now the resemblance is undeniable I tell you.


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