Monday, October 1st, 2007

Tupperware Party

tupperware.jpg I trust you all had an enjoyable weekend? We were really busy. Ben’s winding up the basement reno and getting ready to prime and I really humped it out in the kitchen. I made a double batch of chocolate chip cookies, dough for knoedels, a bunch of different things for Chase and a tasty dinner last night. Most importantly however I cleaned out the fridge. This task was on my list for what felt like forever and I feel a huge sense of accomplishment now that it’s done. The picture is of Chase’s new pastime. Pulling stuff out of the tupperware cabinet that it. I have a vague recollection of having done this myself as a child but then again I suppose everyone does.

As to the comment “Also, I told you what to hang on the big wall. Did you decide against it?” No, I did not decide against is to the extent that the prints are coming and I have the frames. The real question is whether I’ll be able to commit to hanging them or not. That remains to be seen. The enlargements I made on Saturday and put in frames? Still sitting on the coffee table. I find the hanging part so daunting. My replacement flash and remote came today even though I nearly had to run the UPS guy down in my car. Well that’s not really how it went down he had already actually delivered to the house, I just wanted him to take an outgoing package but it would have been funny. Tomorrow I’m gonna get it all set up and see what we can do. I foresee Christmas cards with a family shot on the front.

I just finished doing an assignment for class tomorrow and my brain is totally tapped. I promise to make my post better tomorrow. This is all I’ve got tonight. Well I have one more pre-halloween shot to get you in the spirit. Incidentally, I think I know why the christmas season starts so early. I find myself wanting to sing christmas carols to Chase all the time because the songs are easy to remember. I bet I’m not the only parent that thinks that and I am sure that has something to do with it. I know, I know the hat is too small AND is covered with lint but she loves the danged thing and drags it all over the rug.

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