Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

Broiled Flounder with Parmesan “Caesar” Glaze

flounder1.jpgIs there more fish? Not a question often heard in this household but this recipe apparently made the grade. It was super easy and I’m glad I found it because I bought the flounder without knowing what I was going to do with it in advance. I chose the flounder simply because it was wild caught in North America and because I’ve heard one too many stories about farm raised fish eating the droppings of the farm raised shrimp housed above them. Cow’s milk and farm raised fish are kind of skeeving me out these days. Moreover, why was it necessary to stamp product of Ecuador right on th front of the packages? I think that’s what sealed the deal for me. It just seemed generally fishy.. pardon the pun. This recipe is featured in the current issue of Fine Cooking’s Fresh that I’ve been doing a lot of cooking from of late but is also available on their website.

I made a few minor changes to the recipe in that I had used my last lemon and subbed in red wine vinegar. I also added the chopped parsley directly to the mayo. The fish was fresh and delicately flavored and the sauce added just the right amount of kick and certainly wasn’t overly pretentious. I put half of the fillets away for a rainy day and will definitely be making this again. I had to take the picture with the stupid built in flash but you’ll have to take me on my word that it was yummy even though the picture is just so so.

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