Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

Zwetschken Knoedels

dsc_0010.jpgI don’t think I ever answered the question re: Italian prune plums. I remembered tonight while I was cooking my knoedels and so I thought I would finally follow up. You can see some pics of the plums here. I was just going to make the dumplings and then freeze them but I could smell all of their potatoey goodness while they were cooking and decided that I would have to try one. It was worth every minute spent waiting for water to boil and pulling tiny pits out of unwilling fruit.

Chase has finally got the whole crawling thing down. I took some video of her today taking her tiny knee-steps across the floor only to find that she was behind the coffee table the whole time. Maybe to say that she has it down is an overstatement but she definitely has a better grasp of it today than she did last week. She’s on a roll now that’s for sure.

I finally bit the bullet, framed and put up the prints I had made. I think they look nice. In addition, I bought a plant today to sit behind the couch. I think the space could use one or two more but it looks better already. I also put the giant clock back up for those of you who care about such things. The prints themselves are 20×30 the frames are somewhat larger. So yeah, if you need some pictures mounted you know who to call. This is my second go round cutting mat board to mount pictures. What I want to know is how come I always end up having to buy mats on incredibly windy days? Little me is trying to keep two feet on the ground while walking down the street with two giant 30×40″ sails.

I took some pictures today only to have my flash batteries die on me. It didn’t matter anyway, it just wasn’t meant to be. I need some props or something. More than that I need some ideas for props. Maybe I need some magazine inspiration? Yes, that’s it magazines. Well I’ll post the pictures here. Some of them were with the built in flash and some with the speedlight. I don’t know which were which anymore. I like to call the one where she’s smiling wakka wakka. Can you hear her now?

No wait, let me tell one more. This is my best joke…

and then it ends with a punchline something like

Let’s split


and then I kicked him in the dingding

I’m gonna sleep on it and see if I don’t come up with some ideas.


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