Thursday, October 11th, 2007

Mommies Gone Wild

boo.jpg It’s Thursday AGAIN! I can’t wrap my head around how fast the weeks go. It’s more than a little ridiculous. I noted something both sad and funny this afternoon. The new season of the Office has been on for two weeks and it just hit me today that I have a class that interferes with it. What does that tell you about my attendance? Nothing, because it’s stellar but per the usual class was canceled again tonight and so I have yet to miss an episode.

Like our picture? I’m fumbling my way through ideas for some potential Halloween shots. It’s a work in progress, we were just playin around in this one. I want Chase to wear the wig I have on because well on me frankly it just looks like my hair. Also, pay no heed to my udders. I was showing a little much for the internet it may have been a little too Girls Gone Wild.

We took a walk today in the mid afternoon. The sun was out thankfully cause it’s hella cold out there. We both got to test out our new jackets. I went to class this morning without it. There I was cursing my addled brain and shivering in my 3/4 length sleeves in the early morning drizzle. When it rains it pours though (pardon the pun) as not only my evening class was canceled but my afternoon class was canceled as well. Hooray! Unfortunately I foresee makeup classes in my future. I am really looking forward to tomorrow. Well go to the library in the morning and who knows that the afternoon
holds? Maybe the mall? Mmm, I’d better stay away from there. I’ve been very very good however so maybe I deserve a treat.

I tried one of Lidias recipes tonight. It was very simple, *sweet Italian sausage* and beans in a tomato based sauce simply flavored with bay and then ladled over polenta. There were like 5 ingredients, the only flavoring being the bay leaves. Do I have bay leaves in the kitchen? Yes. Could I find them? No. And so it goes. I improvised and I thought the results were really tasty. Unfortunately, we ate before I learned that my class was canceled and so in the race to the finish I neglected to take a picture. This was the first time I made polenta. I don’t see how people compare it to grits… well I guess I do but the texture overall is much much finer. I set aside a little portion for Chase and enriched ours with a little butter and cheese so we all had polenta for dinner. It was a perfect vehicle for the sauce which is exactly how it appeared on her show. The recipe is easy enough to make all the time. I don’t usually buy Italian sausage but I think I’m going to start adding it as something to keep on hand. Number 1- coffee and half n’ half, number 2- popping corn, number 3- sausages, and market is done.

So I’m on a roll with picture hanging. I’m going about it all willy nilly. I just want to get stuff up there so badly and yet still remain so tentative. Most recently I put up the metal things I bought from pier one months ago that were cavorting with the dust bunnies under the bed. I also put up the custom mirror Chelsea’s mom sent me when we got married and the frame that Ben bought me for my first mothers’ day. I know they’re not the same size it’s eclectic! Also, if you look at the reflection in the mirror you can see the mountain of laundry I’ve been slowly crafting.  Hrmph, now that I look at it they seem a little crookedy. Meh, eclectic… yeah, that’s it, it’s all eclectic.

Happy Friday to all!

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