Friday, October 12th, 2007

Fabulous Friday

pony.jpgIt was cold today! We wore our fall jackets and shoes that covered our feet entirely! Of course you know that there’s only a very small window of time before the novelty wears off and I start complaining that it’s been cold for far too long. This morning at the library was awesome. Chase’s favorite librarian Betsy is back and she was very, very happy. She laughed and carried on the whole time and really showed the other babies how it’s done when it was time to play the maracas.

After lunch we went out to run some errands. One of the best things about living in the city is that you can find a UPS driver on almost any corner when you want to ship something and they are always happy to take a package. Maybe UPS drivers are so happy because they sit up so high in their truck that they get a great view… meh, it saved me a trip to Staples. We went to Trader Joe’s and stocked up on pizza dough for the freezer. The stuff is so awesome. We made four cheese pizza for dinner and it was awesome. I bought three portions so we still have plenty for calzones or whatever on another night.

I’m really trying to keep things organized in the house so I’ve been buying all manner of storage thinger mabobbers. Soft sided fabric bins, baskets, plastic organizing trays for drawers and I’ve got them all filled. There is so much junk in here and half of it is still in boxes. I should just throw the boxes away. I probably wouldn’t miss any of the stuff if I didn’t know that I still had it anyway. The problem is when I look in the boxes and see what’s there. As soon as I see it I remember why I “need” it.

Ben has been working on the fence between our house and the neighbor’s since Monday. It’s really coming along and looks awesome! It looks like he’ll probably get the bulk of the work wrapped up tomorrow. Before we decided to go halvsies on the new fence there was a beat looking waist high chain link monstrosity out there. I think chain link is overly generous I’m gonna call it chicken wire. Whatever it was it was hella sad. As soon as the fence is done I’m gonna put the clothesline back up and hang a swing.  I guess you can infer from that that our yard is the one with grass not the dirt farm, also thanks to Ben, several trips to Home Depot and a couple of orders of zoysia plugs.

I wanted to add a few thoughts about the sausages I made yesterday. The recipe calls for 6 sausages. I ate 1 and served 2 to Ben yet when I went to put away the leftovers there were only 2 sausages remaining. You can draw your own conclusions about how the dish was received. I ate leftovers for lunch today. I crisped and reheated the leftover polenta in a skillet with melted butter and ate that as a side. It was a very acceptable lunch.


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