Sunday, October 14th, 2007


happy-bday.jpgNot me, not yet anyway. So we had friends, wings, plenty of beer, the eagles, and cake to celebrate Mr. Sterling’s decent to triptigenerity. It was great. I got him a custom jersey that says “STERLING 30″ on the back. Get it? It’s very clever but I can’t take credit for the idea. The eagles even managed to pull out a win over the jets. You’d think it would have been easier. We had some jets fans here. I love the picture of the guys together. I call it “united in pizza”.
This was the first time since both parts of the basement have been almost finished that we’ve had people over. I thought it worked out quite well. Coming down steep ass stairs to the basement is a lot less daunting when you’re not descending into a pit but rather a nice new office space. Ben even managed to not even complain about his choice of projector and happily watched the game on the big screen. We ended the afternoon with cake and ice cream and everyone was happy. I didn’t have to rush around and bake anything thanks to Sarah who did an awesome job on a chocolate-chocolate cake for the occasion.

Since I spent all weekend and the last two weeks agonizing over this in secret I haven’t managed to do any work. Even though I promised myself that I would do it tonight I’m still sitting here blogging ever so slowly and not working on anything important. I have a brief to turn in next Monday. There’s no possibility of extending the deadline on this one a) because I’m obviously not responsible enough to get an extension and actually use my time wisely b) my “opposing counsel” needs time to review my brief in preparation for writing theirs c) my preparation is contingent on the scheduling of oral arguments. Have I mentioned how much I hate oral arguments and how I don’t want to practice any kind of law that involves setting foot in the courtroom… ever.. for any reason? The beauty of it is I have to do it all over again next semester. Will it ever end?! Why yes, actually! I hold fast to that light at the end of the tunnel.

On that note I’m off to work. Chase has her 9 month checkup tomorrow.

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