Tuesday, October 16th, 2007


dark-chase.jpgI am so thoroughly pleased because the folks over at Becks & Posh thought enough of my version of the pasta with caramelized onions and gremolata to include me in a post on the subject. How nice is that? I’ve been secretly smiling at myself for two days now. I think it’s starting to wear on Ben. I remade the recipe today in self-celebration and it was just as good as the first time.

Between learning the fundamentals of pasta by watching hours upon hours of Lidia, learning how to caramelize onions properly and now how to make gremolata, I think that I can pretty much just whip up this recipe any old time. Which is to say, whenever friends are a-comin’ I can always rustle up a mess o’ somethin.

Chase had steamed broccoli and basmatti rice for dinner. In spite of the terrible things people say about it I usually just make parboiled (Uncle Ben’s) rice at home when I need a quick side or for burrito fixins. Probably because it’s what I always had at home. The problem is that it’s so impervious to stick that it’s not good for little pincers to grab. Basmatti on the other hand is just right and it keeps her from having to go at it one grain at a time. You wouldn’t believe how she goes at the broccoli. Letting her try it on her own is the only way to get a spoonful of anything into her mouth.

We got a free trial membership for BJ’s in the mail. We’re going to try it out this weekend because we’re through our third week without a visit to Costco. Not only have we made it three weeks buying everything fresh that we need from the farmers’ market but I haven’t had to put any gas in the car since our last visit either. I’m so happy with how things have been going, what ever will we do during the long dark winter?

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