Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Now, You Ask ME for MY Autograph

happy-bady.jpgI passed Duff from Ace of Cakes today on the street by his shop. He drives a scooter in case you ever wondered and obviously as a minor celebrity doesn’t feel that he is subject to the rules of the road. He didn’t say hello but he surely would have recognized me from my blog, the sun must have been in his eyes. Yes that’s it, the sun. It’s important because I don’t intend to break into the lifestyle tv world by prostituting myself on one of those shows but rather by working my connections. Now, if only I had some connections.

Then, later in class I was almost completely zoned out when someone raised their hand and exclaimed (that’s right, exclaimed!) That’s just incorrect with regard to how the professor was characterizing the facts of the case. She was silent briefly and then responded by telling the student that HE was incorrect, that he needed to stop talking and to address the issue with her after class. Awesome! Let me tell you, only a certain type of student would ever try a stunt like that. Many will think it but only a few will actually raise their hand and say it. Fewer still will just blurt it out without even raising their hand, they’re a really special breed.

Since we’ll be making our monthly pilgrimage to Costco (and BJ’s) this week I’m trying to figure out what we’re out of and to try to plan ahead for some of our upcoming meals. I have a bunch of books out from the library and of course all of my magazines. I would love to get more use out of my crockpot but crockpot recipes are generally crappy. I did however find a very small Williams Sonoma book on slow cooing at the library and borrowed it. It’s not the helpful. I mean I get it, the recipes suck because they don’t build flavor the same way you do when cooking on the stove top. To that end, most of the recipes in the book have you browning the meat before adding it to the crock. In my mind, once you’ve browned the meat all the work is over. All that’s left to do is to dump in the rest of the ingredients, bring to a boil, reduce and simmer. For someone who’s going to be around the house anyway I just don’t see transferring the mix to a crockpot from the dutch oven as being much of a time saver.

There was one recipe in the book that just called for skinless chicken thighs that had been trimmed of fat to be used in the slow cooker without browning so I gave it a try. I will report back on it later in a separate post. Right now I have to go get some ice cream, another Corona and my camera from the kitchen.

Oh, and happy birthday Sugar Pie!

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