Thursday, October 18th, 2007


sniffle-puss.jpgIt’s official, I just booked my ticket do I’ll be riding Ben’s coattails right on into the city. I’ve never been to Boston so to all of you who have, input is appreciated. So the question is, where are you supposed to get all the relevant info you need for traveling with an infant? It’s not Chase’s first time on a plane so I’ve got that covered but it is her first time not staying with friends or family and not having a rental car. How do you stay with an infant in one hotel room and how do you get around without a car? I guess I’ll have some answers for you when we return.

I’m thinking that we’ll need to invest in an umbrella stroller because even though the Chicco folds up pretty compactly, it’s by no means lightweight. We’ll also bring the back carrier (that I scored for three bucks, awesome!) and see how that goes. I think that will make sightseeing easier or maybe we’ll just stay in the hotel room and watch tv. Who knows it is vacay after all!

I have to get to work so I’m cutting this short. On top of that, there are activities to be planned for me and Chase hooray!

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