Sunday, October 21st, 2007

BJ’s v. Costco, a Comparison

beep-beep.jpgActually, I’ll reserve the comparison part for part II of this post. My nature is such that I cannot just go changing my routine willy nilly so I really can’t give a fair opinion at this point. I was so thrown off by the electronics department being off to the left rather than to the right that my head was spinning from the moment we walked into the store. Actually, my head was spinning in the parking lot when I discovered you needed a quarter to unlock a cart. I haven’t seen that since we shopped at Super Carnival or Maxi or whatever 15 years ago.

The best analogy I can think of is that this particular BJ’s was to our Costco as Walmart is to Target. You know what I mean? Kind of the same… sort of. Same but different. I think it was an old store. I will say that they had tires inside the warehouse… next to the bakery. That most certainly leaves the shopping experience with something to be desired. On the other hand they sell pampers cruisers and have a bigger selection of dog food. They also had Tom’s of Maine toothpaste in a family pack instead of the toxic Aquafresh that Costco peddles. I think it requires more investigating and a trip to a different location. I don’t think we’ll head all the way out to Bowie but maybe Owings Mills or Pasadena. Maybe Columbia for a little shopping and maybe a lunch date? Only after visiting another store will I pass judgment. I can tell you with some certainty that I will not be visiting the White Marsh location again.

We broke down and bought baby girl another ride on car. I know it’s sad but this is the one we wanted from the very beginning and it just so happened that Costco had a small quantity of them there today. You see, the difference is the push handle for grownups in the back and the safety bar so that she can use it right now. It’s awesome but then again it’s Chicco. I’m adding Chicco to my list of approved brands along with Munchkin. Our stroller is Chicco too and I heartily approve of it, it’s awesome. So she rode it all around the house, or I pushed her all around the house and she scooted by inches wherever I parked her. She’ll get the hang of it in a couple of days I wager. Especially as she is now very interested in the washing machine. Ah, the joys of a front loader.

I also took some pictures of her “helping” in the kitchen while I put stuff away. Apparently, much like her father she believes that helping consists of unloading the snack foods and then sampling them. I kid, Ben is very helpful but that doesn’t make for very funny commentary. I’m posting a picture of my desk because I want you all to know what law school hell looks like. Sadly, it’s not just in the movies. Actually, that picture is from yesterday and it’s not half as bad as tonight. Only one day later the coffee pot has actually migrated to my desktop along with a whole quart of half and half. All the same, tell all your friends, just say no!


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