Sunday, October 28th, 2007


webers.jpg The quickly growing “pile” of items of interest that I want to blog about is getting out of control. The “pile” is becoming insurmountable and is constantly cluttering my thoughts. I’m going to try to cull the best bits and trash the rest but if I know myself I won’t get one cogent story out, just a mishmash of incomprehensible story odds and ends.

The rain finally ended today. It was so lame to leave Boston on Friday when it was finally sunny only to come back to lousy weather in Baltimore. I’ve been thinking about taking Chase to a pumpkin patch for a couple of weeks because I thought she would get a huge kick out of seeing farm animals. As we’re coming up on Halloween this was the do or die weekend. I found a place just north of us and not too far away and so off we went. Chase had a great time but was not nearly as enthused as I had thought about the animals. They had goats and a sheep and various fowl and she looked and pointed but nary a one got a smile. She got a big kick out of touching hay and crawling in the grass. She even sat on the big tractor. Before leaving we had to have a little snack of course. We were supposed to share but the little saufer tried to drink all my cider and eat all my donuts. I had to bribe her just to have a few of the half dozen cider donuts to save for later.

Chase has a little Halloween party to attend this week. Before the party I was back and forth as to whether or not she needed a costume since we won’t be trick or treating. Since she’ll be going to the party I figured she needs a costume so the question was to buy or to make. I promised myself to try to make it before shelling out fifteen bucks for one at Target. After investing less than an hour, her costume is ready. I wanted to take pictures as I went along but it went together so fast that there was no time. It’s very simply constructed and fashioned from unusable bits of charcoal fleece left over after cutting out another project. Strangely, I had to make very few alterations to the pieces. The leftovers that I used for the bonnet in particular seemed to have been predestined for this particular use. It’s just a smock top, a big rectangle with a head hole cut into is and side ties. The tail is attached with a button since I figure it will need to come off at some point after everyone has seen it. As an aside, it took me like 20 minutes to find that button which is crazy since some days you can’t turn around in this place without seeing a button. In addition to the ones I buy I save all the extras from our clothes just in case. But tonight? Not a button to be had, very curious.

I realize now that I never blogged about date night. Sarah was kind enough to come and stay with baby Chase while Ben and I went out. It slowly came back to us… yes, I remember now… we used to do things… together, alone. We visited the Canton Can Co. and had dinner, drinks, played some pool, and even had time to hit Barnes and Noble for a few magazines and coffee. It was awesome. Awesome!

So, I know you saw pictures of Boston but I haven’t said a word about it. It was a good time. It was hard to be on our own with Ben at the conference all day but we managed. I ended up shelling out for an Ergo so that we could move around faster. The T was manageable with a stroller but you can’t go all day with baby Chase in the stroller and it’s not easy to look at things together when she’s so far away. The Ergo is great although I think my back might be feeling a little out of sorts today I can’t really tell.

We got in Tuesday evening, checked in to the hotel which was lovely and headed out for dinner. We crossed the bridge into town and stumbled upon The Times. The weather was still nice then so we sat outside and like true tourists had clam chowder and such but it was all very tasty. As a bonus and I suppose because the night was slow, the chef came out to chat and give directions to the closest Target so we could get supplies. It was a nice place with a great friendly atmosphere and we really enjoyed it. I have to say that against my better judgment I ordered a margarita (I always order the wrong thing in the wrong place) but it was shockingly and refreshingly good. At some point “drunk guy” stepped out on the sidewalk for a cigarette and couldn’t stop exclaiming how cute baby Chase is. We smiled and tried to discourage him from continuing and I later explained to her that this was the first but likely not the last time that a drunken man would fall all over her. I provided numerous colorful examples of such behavior and she said she understood and felt prepared.

Staying in the hotel was not as tricky as I had anticipated. We just went about out business and Chase napped when she needed to and then went down for the night around 9:30. She was a real trooper and even managed to sleep with the tv on so that mom and dad could stay up for a while longer. I feel like we could do anything now. Even though it was definitely not ideal and I would much rather stay in a house or its equivalent I’m no longer scared by the idea of staying over in a hotel. Especially one as cushy as the Seaport.

Wednesday we struck out on our own. Armed with a 7 day pass for the T we headed into town. We covered Boston Common, Beacon Hill and the downtown crossing area. We stopped at Whole foods and CVS since we never made it to Target and got what we needed. Turns out they’re exactly the same in Boston as they are here :). It was after that trek that I decided on the Ergo so after a short pit stop back at the room we set out for Stellabella toys in Cambridge. The very helpful saleswoman helped me get Chase into the Ergo and I tested it out briefly before we went on our merry way. Did I mention that I intended to bring her home in the Ergo so I left the stroller in the hotel and carried her to Cambridge? You should see my biceps. From there we jumped back on the T and went just one stop to Harvard where we did some more window shopping. We stopped in at Cafe Algiers for an iced cafe vienna and a quiet place to nurse and that worked out just perfectly. I didn’t have my camera since I didn’t want the extra baggage on the way out there but it was magnificent inside and very intimate in spite of the cavernous ceiling. We also stopped at Calliope and at Curious George. I bought that adorable hat at Calliope and again the saleswoman was very friendly and helpful. Finally, we ended up at Bertucci’s. So many people have asked me why I didn’t go somewhere local. Frankly, after a long day I just wanted some place I knew would have a high chair and a changing station (even though this particular location didn’t have a changing station we still managed). Wednesday was by far our longest and most action packed day.

Thursday daddy accompanied us to Newbury Street. There were lots of upscale shops and eateries. However, since we didn’t have all day and Chase loooves pizza, we ate at Bostone Pizza. We got there literally at 11:59 which was fortuitous because hordes of people descended on the place at exactly 12:00. The place was packed.. packed! The pizza came to us piping hot. Chase gave the crust a 10 out of 10. Later, I decided to stay closer to home and see what was around the hotel. We visited the ICA and had a good time there. Chase really likes to look at sculpture so it was a good place to spend an afternoon. For dinner we ate at China Pearl. They are really well known for dim sum but we just ordered off the menu and not even anything challenging at that. I have to say though that what we did get was very visually appealing and quite tasty. As you can see from the pictures Chase had fun with the chopsticks. Chinatown was fun in general. I wish Baltimore had a Chinatown apparently at one time they did but it has since died.

Finally we’re home. It was a great trip but there’s nothing like coming home to your king size bed. I don’t know how we did it before. We were all elbows and knees and nobody had a good night’s sleep. As soon as we were in from the airport we were right back out on the road again. We finally, finally met baby Abby! What a little dolly she is. Chase just loved her and who wouldn’t? She’s just as cute as a button! Dinner at Houlihan’s with everyone was a blast and just what I needed instead of spending a lonely night at home listening to the rain and the static on the baby monitor.

Well that’s it folks. With the exception of the recipes that I have tried since we’ve been back that about covers it. For your viewing enjoyment:


Did I mention that Chase found the stairs? She used to be content to crawl around the living room but for the last week all I see are the undersides of her little moccasins shuffling away.


Mouse Costume

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