Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

Baby It’s Cold Outside

baby-its-cold-outside.jpg It seems we’re skipping fall in favor of jumping right into winter. We’ve had baby Chase in footed pj’s for the last couple of nights because it’s been just that chilly. She doesn’t mind though when she’s all cozied up in the nice gift she got from her friend B.

Things with Chase are all crazy here. She’s moving at lightning speed. It’s like all the developments have her head spinning and her body is literally spinning too. She likes to sit on the floor with a fun toy and use her heels to turn herself around and around. It’s quite amusing to watch. At some point today I observed her do the crawling baby equivalent of running while screeching and giggling maniacally. At some later point I observed her devise a plan for standing that involved executing a downward facing dog type of a move. The fun never ends. Last night she barely slept a wink for getting up on the edge of her crib and then not being able to get back down again. I was up hourly from 3 am on. Needless to say when I finally got her out of her crib around 7 she fell back asleep in bed with me and we both slept until after 9 and I was late for class.

Our Halloween party is tomorrow morning and we are both really looking forward to it :) Her costume is ready and everything. We’re bringing Veggie Booty.

As we continue to unpack the boxes that are stashed around the house I continue to find things that I haven’t seen in many years. I’m astonished at how much of my childhood I’ve been lugging around with me over the years. Today I found this thing, I don’t even know what it might be called, it was a gift from my grandparents from one of their trips to the ‘old country.’ You turn it upside down and when you right it again it moos. You can see that it’s been well loved.

In other news, I made a note of this tonight in class. To set the scene, we are all sitting listening attentively to the professor talk about reasonably articulable suspicion when as an aside she says: You know, where you keep the gun in your pants… your dip (gentle chuckling and murmuring sweep across the room). “Dip,” she says, “D-I-P dip” trying to explain that she has not in fact made a crude joke but rather was demonstrating the street cred that she has earned over the years. These nights are what keep me going I tell you.

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