Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Happy Halloween

We attended our Halloween party today and as you can see Chase had a blast. She’s sleeping like a rock as we speak to boot. I got some pretty good pictures though I was hoping to get a good one of the mouse eating cheese but none of them came out looking like much. We didn’t give out candy tonight since I was in class and it prime trick or treating time sort of cut into Chase’s bedtime. I saw some pretty cute costumes stop next door though. Since we didn’t give out candy I wisely also didn’t buy any. I think that this Halloween is a record low for candy consumed. There was a bag of peanut M & M’s in class today but I passed it by since they weren’t individually wrapped and were therefor suspicious and probably contaminated with some kind of horrible virus. I had one mini hershey’s bar that I snagged from the BarBri table this whole week. That it, one lousy hershey’s. Off to bed.

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