Friday, November 2nd, 2007

Good to the Last Drop

lick-the-bowl.jpgLook at my little foodie! This week Chase is really into pastina and Cabot’s extra sharp cheddar. So I’ve been concocting her dishes using both of those ingredients. They’ve all gone over pretty well. Did I tell you I got a 52 dollar parking ticket? Yup, I sure did. Damn those pedestrians. I mean I can’t think of everything. Are you suggesting that I should have known that parking too close to the corner meant that I would be blocking the unmarked crosswalk? Sheesh! Paint the lines for crying out loud I could use a visual reminder, you know, to slow down when someone’s trying to cross if nothing else.

There’s not a whole lot going on here. We’re going to the library in the morning so I have to scurry around finding all of my overdue books of which there are many. I don’t know what we’ll do after that. I have a growing grocery list that needs attention but I don’t know if I have the energy for a trip to the grocery store. I guess we’ll just play it by ear. In addition to the grocery list there’s also the ever growing pile of laundry and the coffee table that’s been removed from the living room and relocated to the foyer- not an ideal location. I have yet to decide how to proceed. Maybe with edge covers? Maybe I’ll remove it altogether. I also have identified three boxes filled entirely with paper. Paper! Filled! I think I’m going to go with paperless statements for all of our bills. I pay them all online anyway so what’s the point of getting the paper invoice. They’re just cluttering the hell out of this place.

I did manage however to get one more handle up in the kitchen. That makes two now, TWO! Actually, come to think about I’ve been working on a couple of projects albeit surreptitiously. I was on something of a roll after finishing up Chase’s costume so I decided to whip up some slippers for her. It’s been cold but not really cold enough to really crank the heat so she could definitely use them. I used Simplicity pattern 4054 which calls for suede backed-cloth of which I had none and I wanted to make these from my stash. Of course since I can’t actually find half of my stash my options were limited but I did find some soft flannel and a cotton batik-y looking print that I’m calling urban camo. It’s like batik meets camo meets little house on the prairie, I love it. I cut each piece out of both fabrics and then joined each piece of flannel to the corresponding piece in flannel before beginning construction. They came out pretty well though I need to modify the pattern instructions to join all the pieces in the traditional fashion of putting wrong sides together because the effect of having the inner fabric show through on the outside is not quite the same as it would have been had it been the woolly white inside of the suede-backed cloth. I also think she’d to better with a size medium rather than large or with adding a little bit of elastic at the ankle, perhaps between the layers. They are super simple and went together so fast. I think I’ll try to make them again with some of the changes.


I also came up with a super cool idea for using old novelty tshirts. Much, much cooler than the t-shirt quilt that I had initially envisioned. The problem is that it calls for making my own double fold bias tape and alas, for that I do not have time. I’ll probably “make” time but we’ll see. If it works as well as I think it will I might be back to scouring the thrift shops!

Wait, I can’t call them urban booties and say they’re made from urban camo. Dilemmas, I’ll have to come up with something more clever.


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