Sunday, November 4th, 2007

Shrimp with Buttery Balsamic Sauce

shrimp.jpgI was looking for something quick and easy to throw together with shrimp. I love keeping frozen shrimp because they defrost in minutes so even when I forget to take something out I can always pull something together at the last minute. I was searching through some of the forum’s tried and true recipes and came up with this. It looked simple enough and had very few ingredients. Per the suggestion, I served it with orzo mixed with a little butter and parmesan and a green salad. Simple and satisfying.

I had slightly less than a pound of shrimp, maybe I had 25 U-30’s so I adjusted the amounts ever so slightly. You can see the recipe here as originally portioned. I reduced the total amount of butter to 5 Tbsps and used slightly less than half a cup of balsamic.  If you’re worried about the vinegar, think about it like buffalo sauce where the butter cuts through the heat of the hot sauce.

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