Monday, November 5th, 2007


dsc_0046.jpgToday we alternated between lying around in the living room and hanging out in the kitchen. I’m desperately pleading with the Imovie gods to let me import my movie but so far no dice. The process is so freaking complicated when using our camcorder. I can admit this is my fault however because I’m pretty sure that we looked at a similar model that had an SD card and I said something along the lines of we don’t need that. I just didn’t envision how we’d be using it.. sigh. Of course, it’s not so onerous that it keeps me from using it. It would just be nice if the process didn’t involve two laptops and an ipod just to get the files prepped for Imovie.

Enough of that, on to the fun stuff. The good news is that Chase isn’t any sicker than she was yesterday. Her morale is good and aside from the runny nose she seems just fine. All the same I played it close to the vest today and our only excursion was to the store for groceries. I let her come on the condition that she wear her hat without complaining to which she willingly complied.

At the grocery store a little old Chinese lady asked me for help in the baking aisle. It’s hard to describe the difference between bleached and unbleached flour without being overly verbose. I did what I could but more importantly I seized the opportunity to find out from the source where to shop on the cheap for noodles and fish sauce and the like. Apparently AA Asian market is the place to go. She says they have everything and cheap so guess where we’re headed. I need some supplies for using the Kylie Kwong recipes. I’m not planning on shelling out 5 bucks for wonton wrappers at safeway.

Later in an effort to come up with a good post-nap, mid-afternoon activity I decided we should bake some bread. I would have made cinnamon rolls but since I wanted Chase to help I didn’t want to do anything with raw egg in it. The finished product looks fab but it doesn’t taste all that hot. No matter, it was all about the experience. I’ll refashion it into something else tomorrow anyhow. I was thinking that it would really lend itself to french toast. I might give that a shot in the morning. Well it will probably be more like lunch but you know, whatever. I really should do the french toast. You may have noticed a giant jug in the picture of the fridge. It’s maple syrup. It’s been in there a while. It won’t go bad right? It’s like pure sugar.

I resurrected some frozen pesto that I rustled up while poking around in the deep freezer. I wish I could remember whose recipe I used because it’s really good. It’s pesto I guess it’s not rocket science but stick with what you know right? It was great, the fresh pasta cooked up in two minutes and then I just tossed the sauce with the hot pasta and dinner was ready with the addition of a salad. Before I froze the pesto I covered the top with a thin layer of olive oil as you’re supposed to do and it defrosted just as green as the day I put it in there. Ben hates pesto and even he enjoyed it. Are you starting to notice Ben hates a lot of things and I cook them anyway? Perks of being the chef de cuisine around these parts.

Here’s the bread:

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