Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

dsc_0065.jpgEverybody’s talking about it. At our house, we have a really hard time recycling. I won’t tell you why exactly. Suffice it to say that we are well intentioned but not that effective. We have quite a large pile of recyclables that have yet to actually be recycled and I’m beginning to doubt ever will in spite of the fact that the city comes right down the alley to pick them up. Sometimes stuff gets out but sometimes the pile just becomes so untenable that I have to put a temporary moratorium on the piling of some recyclables. I was feeling kind of down about this so I took some time to think of some other ways that our family tries to contribute. Most, but not all, of our efforts fall under the umbrella of reuse:

  1. We have a nice collection of cloth sacks for shopping that we usually remember to bring along;
  2. I try to limit trips to the big box stores in the burbs and shop locally. I especially like frequenting the Waverly Farmer’s Market and it’s close enough to go on foot;
  3. I try to reuse packaging as much as possible. I turned a poster mailing tube into a neat little receptacle for knitting needles);
  4. I use resealable plastic packaging from socks and underwear and the like to keep individual projects organized. I can keep all of the relevant notions and the pattern together in one spot. Sometimes even the fabric fits;
  5. I use a giant IKEA bag as a laundry basket. It’s huge and holds a ton of clothes and I can carry it on one shoulder and baby Chase on the other hip with no problem. So much easier than a big honkin’ laundry basket.

Those are just a few! So happily I’m not feeling so bad anymore. I also turned a sugar/creamer set into a nifty pair of pencil holders but I don’t think that counts. And of course the halogen lightbulbs. Ikea even has odd sizes that you can’t find at Target. We were able to find replacement halogen torchieres.

I picked classes for my last semester! Less than three weeks to go of fall ’07!

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