Thursday, November 8th, 2007

Pomp and Circumstance

psst-dog.jpgPsst! (Chase, whispering) Hey, dog! Psst! Knock those cookies down to me and I’ll share half with you.

(Dog, incapable of whispering) Which cookies? The Liver Snaps or that organic animal cracker crap?

(Chase, rolling her eyes) Oh, great. Now you’ve gotten us both busted. I’ll remember this. Watch your tail. Did I say tail? I meant back, yes, that’s it back.

How was everyone’s day? Mine was just great. I confirmed tonight that I will in fact have enough credits to graduate in May and that I only have one requirement left to fulfill. On top of all that in spite of the fact that I was thinking that I’ve been choosing my courses based on scheduling there must have been some subconscious underpinnings to my interests. I’ve somehow managed to finagle what I’m told is a concentration in business. I didn’t even know that such a thing existed until I overheard some people talking about it a week ago.

When she started to talk about the requirements I immediately nixed it because it required a writing course and I’m not going down that road again unnecessarily. Not a problem though because apparently a seminar in cyberlaw is sufficient. I mean I guess I see the connection but don’t look a gift horse in the mouth right? This is not to say that I didn’t take my share of heavy hitters. Commercial transactions, sales and leases, debtors creditor relations, business organizations, I took them all AND signed up for securities regulation next semester. What kind of benefit will I derive from this? Who knows, but it can’t hurt right? So what if she specifically indicated that it would appear neither on my transcript nor on my diploma but rather would arrive as “a separate cardstock certificate.” Wait, didn’t I hear about how the lawshool bought a new HP three in one?

Oh, and I think I felt something sharp inside baby girl’s mouth. If only she would let me see inside. Blast!

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